In order to experience something new, we need to become familiar with the thoughts and feelings in our minds and guide them to be consistent with the life we want to live. When we shift our thoughts and self-talk, our approach to life changes. Everything and everyone around us will be touched by that shift, and we will have the opportunity for a new experience as a result.

Use these weekly Affirmations and Tips to try out a new thought or approach. Let me know how it works for you. I’d love to hear from you!  




I address my personal business one task at a time.

When it comes to my family’s and my personal business, I steadily address one task or responsibility at a time. I address financial obligations in a dispassionate and thoughtful way. With the practical necessities of life, I do not expect to have the perfect solution. I give myself permission to make the best decisions I can, based on my resources of time and money. With each choice, I know I’ve done the best I could with the resources I had.

I allot specific time to work on these tasks and don’t allow the stress of responsibility to contaminate my ability to enjoy my relationships. Things have a way of coming together. Anxiety and worry will not contribute anything productive to the solution of a problem and certainly not to the quality of my interactions with loved ones. I, therefore, soothe myself with self-approval for simply addressing things one at a time in a methodical and calm way.



Tip: The use of a schedule can be a wonderful way to alleviate anxiety.

Life is filled with complications that seem to come to a head in December. You may be trying to take care of medical concerns before your deductible renews, pulling funds together for gifts or taxes, or facing an untimely family struggle. While the messages of holiday cheer do not always feel consistent with our personal life circumstances, allow yourself to designate time for both fun and responsibilities.

Set aside time on your schedule for addressing personal business, and also give yourself time to meet your own emotional needs for quiet reflection or grieving. Then, schedule time to connect with your loved ones in joyful ways.

Time and money are your main resources. Try budgeting them both this December. Consider writing down your plan for the month, include both your responsibilities and fun with those you love. Allow this list to relieve you of worry because you have designated the time to address what needs to be addressed.

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Did You Experience a Challenging Change or a Loss in 2019?
Learn to Utilize Difficulties for Self-Development

In any given year, many of us will face challenges — the loss of a job, divorce, death, illness or diagnosis, interpersonal conflict, a rebellious or troubled child, or children leaving for college. It's not uncommon to isolate during times of trauma and difficulty. Research tells us that being able to process and have our story witnessed is critically important for healing and growth.

Join us for a Creative Arts Therapy Workshop in the new year to honor your growth gifts of 2019.

  • Make art with supportive others.
  • Enjoy a safe place to reflect on your challenges in 2019 through both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art-making. Although sharing is not required, you will have the chance to process your experience.
  • Learn how to process changes and difficulties through the lens of appreciation for the inner strength, support system, spiritual guidance, and inspiration that allowed you to get through.
  • Solidify your learning and growth from your experience and feel sturdier as you enter 2020.

Honor the gifts of your growth. We look forward to seeing you in the new year! 

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