Repeatedly doing the same thing gets us the same results. When we make a shift in our views and our approaches, everything and everyone around us will be touched by that shift and have a new experience or opportunity as a result. These weekly affirmations and tips provide you with a chance to try on a new idea or approach. They are invitations for you and those in your life to experience more profound respect and caring in your relationships. 




I focus on my own behavior and reflect on changes I might make for the good of my relationships.

I let go of the need to critique others and instead place my attention on my own behavior. I seek to talk to my significant others in the same manner in which I want them to speak to me. I lead by example.

If there is a problem, I ask myself, how is my behavior calling forth this response? I go within and seek to reveal the shifts I can make to positively influence the situation. Maybe I need to listen more or empathize more. Maybe I need to take responsibility for calmly and clearly stating my limit or intention, or maybe I need to be more truthful or transparent with my feelings.



Tip:  Relationships are dynamic. By bringing new behavior into the dynamic, the relationship shifts and changes. The more intentional we are with our own behavior, the more we can positively influence our relationships.

It takes discipline not to blame, shame, accuse, criticize, or give advice to the other. Instead, we can ask ourselves this question: How can I support this relationship by becoming more a skillful communicator or a more self-aware person?

Debating, defending, and attaching are the models of our political system. However, they do not lead to harmonious, peaceful, inspired relationships. To experience the skills of intentional, respectful communication which leads to teamwork and relationship satisfaction, consider trying an Imago Therapy Session. For more information, visit my website at or call me at (816) 359-1885.  


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