When we make a shift in our views and our approaches, everything and everyone around us will be touched by that shift and have a new experience or opportunity as a result. These weekly affirmations and tips provide you with a chance to try on a new idea or approach. They are invitations for you and those in your life to experience more profound respect and caring in your relationships. Enjoy! 



I keep the lines of communication open.

I remain receptive and open to hear those I love. I understand there are times when one of us may become triggered and even reactive. In these times, I let my loved one know that his or her thoughts and feelings are important to me and I would like to pursue the conversation when we are both available to listen.

I strive to tell my full truth of what is important to me. I do not attempt to appease the other person by suppressing what I need to say, nor do I try to suppress what they have to say. Rather I ask them if they would be willing to hear my thoughts and feelings. If they agree, I share using “I statements.” When I am listening, I seek to understand fully.  My priority is to relate in a way that honors our relationship and allows us both to fully communicate our thoughts, feelings, and needs.  


Tip:  Good communication has two important functions, listening and sharing. Listening to the other person’s feelings, needs, hopes, and so forth and sharing your own truth. It is important to find ways to both listen and share calmly and respectfully. When communicating, focus on how you are communicating, rather than how the other person is communicating. You can guide the interaction to a healthy place through your intention to fully and calmly listen without a personal agenda. Ask the other person if they are feeling understood, and if not, continue in the role of listening.

Learning these skills takes practice, and Imago Therapy provides a safe setting to be guided through the most triggering of conversations. With the support of an Imago Therapist, couples experience themselves as calm and able to work through conversations that have kept them feeling stuck for a long time. If you would like to set up an Imago session for one of your important relationships, call me at (816) 359-1885. With practice, couples find themselves feeling connected more deeply than they were even at the beginning of their relationship.

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Imago Couples or Family Therapy: If you are interested in a private, couples or family Imago Therapy session, where clients experience and practice the skills that create happy, connected relationships, call (816) 359-1885 or email laura@creativegrowthandhealing.com. I would be honored to help you on your journey of living from your true self and creating relaxed, joyful relationships.




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Laura Aube is a licensed Counselor in the State of Missouri. She has advanced training as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, as well as a fully-credentialed Art Therapist. Laura has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and specialized expertise in grief, trauma, couples, and family therapy.