Repeatedly doing the same thing gets us the same results. When we make a shift in our views and our approaches, everything and everyone around us will be touched by that shift and have a new experience or opportunity as a result. These weekly affirmations and tips provide you with a chance to try on a new idea or approach. They are invitations for you and those in your life to experience more profound respect and caring in your relationships.




Today I choose to create happy experiences for those around me and myself.

In every day and in every moment, I am creating experiences. Each of my responses introduces a crucial element to my relationships. I understand that my emotions and behaviors are solely my choice. They are not caused by other people or situations. My thoughts lead to my behaviors, and therefore, I strive to hold thoughts that create what I want.

When I express myself intentionally, I have the potential to bring relief, understanding, and acceptance to my interactions. My positive thoughts about others and myself generate positive behaviors, which in turn affects the outcome. 



Tip:  Recognize that life is not happening to you, but rather your responses and actions in each moment can change everything. You are making a choice, whether your choice comes from a place of awareness and intentionality or not. Take time to pause and ask yourself, how do I want to feel? By being and feeling calm, you bring calmness to the situation. By being and feeling hopeful, you bring encouragement to the situation. 


©2019 Laura Aube


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