Your thoughts are the guiding force of your behaviors. An affirmation is a thought intended to replace another thought—namely, a habitual thought which has caused us to repeat unhappy patterns.

We are drawn to the familiar. To experience something new, we need to become familiar with the thoughts and feelings in our minds and guide them to be consistent with the life of our dreams.

Use these weekly Affirmations and Tips to enhance your relationships in 2019.



Today, I allow others to have their own story.

I let go of the need to defend my story and realize that my story is unique to me. It is based on my experiences and the way I have been conditioned by my environment. Today, I allow myself to experiment with being without an opinion or judgment. Instead, I focus on noticing the alternative perspectives of others. I realize that their opinions and thoughts are also a reflection of their story, and yet, I feel no need to challenge them. I am interested in their story without the need to agree or evaluate.

Without a commitment to a story, I am able to make new discoveries. I may hear an idea that is completely novel to me and opens me to possibilities. Those around me also experience the exhilaration of exploring new ideas, even if it is simply through being allowed to explore their own thoughts more fully with me.


Tip:  We spend a lot of energy evaluating good and bad, right and wrong, safe and unsafe. Most of us are so practiced in assessing situations and people that we find ourselves quick to judge. The truth is that no story, thought, or opinion captures the deepest truths. Try today to allow yourself to not know. Relieve yourself of having to have the answers.

This week look for opportunities to explore these ideas:

  • At least three times, ask a loved one: “What ideas do you have?”
  • At least once this week when you are feeling disapproving, challenge yourself to think, “maybe I don’t know.”

The benefits of doing this are three-fold. You will be relieved of the stress of having to have all the answers. You will experience engaging conversations that feel good to others. And, you will have the opportunity to consider promising new viewpoints.

Many of the conflicts that occur with our partners are a result of beliefs formed in childhood. In Imago Therapy sessions, couples often gain insight into how old beliefs are no longer benefiting them. Through the guided-dialogue process, they are able to envision a new way of approaching things now in order to create greater happiness. If you and your partner would like to experience Imago Dialogue, you can schedule a session with me by calling 816-359-1885.

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