Your thoughts are the guiding force of your behaviors. An affirmation is a thought intended to replace another thought—namely, a habitual thought which has caused us to repeat unhappy patterns.

We are drawn to the familiar. In order to experience something new, we need to become familiar with the thoughts and feelings in our own minds and guide them to be consistent with the life of our dreams.

Use these weekly Affirmations and Tips to enhance your relationships in 2019.  Happy New Year and Happy New Thought!




I create a shared vision in my primary relationships.

I regularly ask those in my life what they want, as well as share my hopes and dreams with them. Together, we explore and brainstorm possibilities, knowing that new ideas and options emerge out of our mutual enthusiasm. When we experience the excitement of planning and dreaming together, our relationship is filled with a sense of possibility. Sharing a vision creates direction, vitality, and greater meaning in our lives.


Tip:  Plan an evening with your partner or immediate family members to review the successes of 2018 and look forward to the year ahead. Here are some questions to explore:

  • What changes did you make in 2018 that worked out well?
  • What did each person learn in 2018?
  • What does each person feel good about accomplishing?
  • What did you deeply enjoy?
  • What do you hope goes more smoothly in 2019?
  • How would you like to grow?
  • What do you definitely want to repeat this year?
  • What new experiences would you like to have in 2019?

Write down your Vision for 2019. Then enter a date on the calendar within the next 3 months when you will review your vision with your partner.

Honor each other’s dreams and be cautious before discounting any ideas as impossible or outlandish. You don’t have to know how an idea will be accomplished when you begin to share a vision with the ones you love. If an idea brings happiness to you or your loved one, live with it and see if any next steps or opportunities emerge as you open to your loved one’s ideas.  

©2018 Laura Aube


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