Through the month of December, I am offering Affirmations and Tips in preparation for the New Year. Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution on New Year’s Day that quickly falls by the wayside, consider a different approach this year.

December’s Affirmations and Tips provide an opportunity for you to reflect on the shifts and changes you’d like to make which will lead you to the experiences you would like to have in 2019, the way you would like to be in 2019, and the way you would like to feel in 2019.



The now moment is my chance to experience, be,
and feel happiness. It fills me with hope.

There is no reason to ever be discouraged, because I have the opportunity right now to choose a different idea or approach. Seeming obstacles or setbacks are opportunities to reevaluate, discover, learn, and become more effective in how I interact with others and meet my needs. When I do not follow through in the way I had originally resolved, I reassess my needs and how I might better approach my goal.

I understand that changing habitual behaviors results in anxiety, and I will need to take charge of soothing my anxiety. I ask myself, what supports can I put in place for myself to better bolster my growth as a partner, parent, or a healthy responsible adult? 


Tip:  If you have a set back regarding learning or implementing recent insights into your life, do not lose hope. Consider what you can do to support yourself in becoming more conscious and more intentional. Be willing to go back to the drawing board over and over again.

Persistence and a combination of strategies are usually required to solidify any meaningful change. For example, if your vision is to create a positive family atmosphere in the evening, and you find the same old frustrations reoccurring, you might try taking five minutes in your car before entering your house to consciously release your stress from the day.

Down the road, you might assess the need to help others de-stress as well and decide to intentionally check in with each family member about their day. Even later, you may discover that others in your household have ideas and needs as well, and therefore uncover new things that are important to create the atmosphere you desire.

Do not lose hope, but rather recognize change as a process that requires your ongoing observation, preparation, and adjustment.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

©2018 Laura Aube



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