Begin to make the shifts that lead to the close, connected relationships you long to experience. Work with the theme and affirmation below. Take time to experience the word and take in the affirmation. Living from these concepts is not always easy. The words and affirmations are designed to help you become more aware and intentional in your relationships. 



I notice and appreciate the effort
and kindness of others.

I look for reasons to acknowledge and appreciate the people in my life. I orientate myself to their efforts and kindness and resist focusing on what is missing. I recognize the many ways others are expressing their love and affection for me. Their expressions may be different than my expectations, and yet, it is essential that I acknowledge their expressions and the love represented. 

Appreciation allows me to more fully enjoy and experience the support and love I receive. When I tune into the love and affection others are expressing for me, love expands between us. I soon discover that appreciation is the fuel for transformation. The more appreciation I express, the more my relationships positively transform. 

Appreciation also communicates what is beneficial and edifying in our relationship. Because appreciation feels good, it motivates us to continue to put effort into the relationship.

Each time I acknowledge another with appreciation, I provide momentum for positive growth in our relationship. 


Tip:  Sometimes we get caught up in our disappointments that we miss the love right in front of us. Notice the many ways the people in your life are expressing their love and support for you. Even the little things will point you in the right direction. It may be a text, a phone call, offering to get you a drink or do a chore for you, inviting you do join them in an activity, or reaching out and touching you.

Even if the action is one that your loved one takes often, let them know that you recognize it as loving. For example, you might say, "Thank you for asking how my day was. That was really caring.” Or, "It was very thoughtful for you to get up first and make the coffee. Thank you.” Or, "Thank you for reaching out and holding my hand. That is very kind." Let yourself absorb the love, and then express your recognition and appreciation of that love to the other person.

©2018 Laura Aube


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