Begin to make the shifts that lead to the close, connected relationships you long to experience. Work with the theme and affirmation below. Take time to experience the word and take in the affirmation. Living from these concepts is not always easy. The words and affirmations are designed to help you become more aware and intentional in your relationships.


I am a safe person to share with authentically.

I create safety by being open to differences of opinion and perception. I support others in finding their own truth. I want to be a person they feel comfortable sharing with. I practice self-awareness of my tone, facial expression, and body language to insure others experience me as open. If I become reactive, I will be sending the message that the other person has threatened me in some way and they likely will hide part of themselves from me. I want those I love to feel safe to tell me what is true for them. I want to be a safe person for them to reveal their inner thoughts to. In order to do this, I need to find ways not to take things personally and to stay calm if what they say in some way worries me. I want to remain available in the conversation.

Tip: In order to be a safe person, it is important to stay aware of your own feelings. We become reactive when we are anxious and we become anxious when something our loved one says or does triggers fear in us. Deep down we may feel that what is being said means we aren't loved, that our loved one won't be available to meet our needs, or that they will somehow make a mistake. While your feelings are worth exploring and understanding, when your loved one is sharing, it is important that you find a way to soothe your reactivity. Becoming angry or dismissive does not allow you to have a meaningful conversation. To remain safe, focus on slowing down and taking deep breaths in the moment. Become aware of the sensations of breathing. Becoming aware of your body sensations will help you stay present and calm. In a calm state, you can be effective in being there for the other person and create room for a meaningful exchange.

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