Begin to make the shifts that lead to the close, connected relationships you long to experience.  Work with the theme and affirmation below. Take time to experience the word and take in the affirmation.  Living from these concepts is not always easy.  The words and affirmations are designed to help you become more aware and intentional in your relationships.


I empower and encourage those in my life
to be who they truly are.

I empower those in my life to be who they truly are rather than who I think they should be. In our society, we are surrounded with competition and comparison. My loved ones are continuously being evaluated at work or school. The media encourages comparing our appearance, achievements, lifestyles, and acquisitions to imagined ideals. This has created feelings of pressure, inadequacy, and insecurity. I strive to recognize myself and those around me as not only “good enough,” but as uniquely valuable. In this now moment, I am exactly who I am meant to be and my loved ones are also on their right and perfect path. From this idea, I am able to truly attune with the extraordinary individual in front of me and respond in supportive ways. This includes knowing that they have the ability to make choices that are best suited for who they are.  

Tip:  Practice confidence and the positive assumption that everyone is doing the best they can in the moment. Even this assumption will change the way you relate to others and will communicate encouragement through your tone and body language. Through your encouragement, those in your life will have the opportunity to experience support, inspiration, and greater self-acceptance and will be empowered to be themselves.    

©2018 Laura Aube


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Laura Aube is licensed as a Counselor in the State of Missouri. She has advanced training as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, as well as a fully-credentialed Art Therapist. She has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and specialized expertise in grief, trauma, couples and family therapy.