Welcome to the first weekly affirmation series of the new year!

The Self-Awareness Series

This series of affirmations and tips is designed to enhance your self-awareness, the quality of your relationships, and your overall happiness.

Our patterns of thinking lead to our perceptions of ourselves and others, and out of those perceptions we react and take action. By selecting our thoughts, we begin to form new ways of processing our experiences and develop conscious, productive ways of interacting with life.

Making lasting change requires persistence and support. I am here to support you in identifying specific barriers in your process and to help you practice new approaches consistent with your best self. Call me at (816) 359-1885 to schedule an Individual Session or Couples Imago Therapy.




I slow down and self-reflect as I move through my day.

I not only become good at listening to others, I also strive to carefully listen to myself as I go about my day. I pause to become cognizant of my physical reactions which in turn brings awareness to my feelings.

My feelings are a priority, because my feelings inform me of my needs. My needs then suggest right new actions steps.

I reserve private time every day to check in with my body and my emotions. Creating this dedicated pause allows me to develop the self-awareness that is essential to my acting in ways that support myself, my values, and my goals.



Practice Mindfulness Meditations every day.

Practicing mindfulness meditation 5 to 20 minutes three times a day is an effective way to orientate you to your inner world. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and begin to focus on the physical sensations of inhaling slowly in and then out through your nose.

As you use your mind to follow your breath you will be turning your awareness inward. Rather than thinking or engaging in internal dialogue, begin to capture the sense of listening within and observing your inner world.

Simply sitting quietly while observing your breath and thoughts will make a significant impact on your self-awareness. After a few weeks, you will begin to notice you have created the inner space to more consciously select your actions and responses.


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Laura Aube, LPC, ATR-BC, Certified Imago Therapist

Laura Aube is a licensed Counselor in the State of Missouri. She has advanced training as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, as well as a fully-credentialed Art Therapist. Laura has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and specialized expertise in grief, trauma, couples, and family therapy.

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