The True Self Series

Welcome!   This series is focused on encouraging you to reflect on your true self. Your true self transcends the habits and patterns you developed during childhood, as well as your cultural influences. Your true self is the wise seed within you that strives to experience the full expression of your connection to others, your sense of purpose, your joy, and the recognition of your self-worth. This authentic self is a reflection of your true nature and deepest desires. 

One of the benefits of the work I do with individuals and couples is clarifying and practicing how to identify and speak from this deeper sense of self. In this series, we will look at characteristics of the true self.




I am inquiring versus advising.

When I was growing up, parents and adults sought to influence me and all sorts of advertisers and special interests seemingly demanded my alliance now. Deep within myself is an internal voice that is wise, loving, and capable of listening to and creatively responding to the complexities of seemingly conflicting messages. I seek to patiently listen and inquire with curiosity. Allowing many viewpoints to be present allows space and time for rewarding possibilities to emerge. 

I listen with interest, realizing there may be many aspects to what the other person is attempting to process with me. I also take time for self-inquiry. I strive to have an attitude of openness both to my own experience and the experience of others. I enter each communication with the hope to gain a new understanding. I resist the impulse to oversimplify right and wrong. I realize that being quick to advise shuts out genuine communication. I choose to inquire and encourage authentic expression from myself and the other person.



Discover Something New

Go into conversations with a sense of willingness to discover something new. What can you learn about the other person, their intentions, their hopes, and their values? 

Like Shrek who said “Ogres are like onions,” the more we take time and give space for the other person to peel away the superficial layers, the more likely we are to have insightful conversations. 

Release the need for set solutions or answers to emerge from every conversation. Instead, allow yourself and the other person to enjoy simply exchanging new thoughts. 

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Imago Therapy

In Imago therapy, I help clients learn to dialogue in a way that expresses their own authentic self while at the same time empowering the authentic self of their partner. To schedule an Imago Couples Sessions or Individual session, call (816) 359-1885.

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Laura Aube, LPC, ATR-BC, Certified Imago Therapist

Laura Aube is a licensed Counselor in the State of Missouri. She has advanced training as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, as well as a fully-credentialed Art Therapist. Laura has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and specialized expertise in grief, trauma, couples, and family therapy.

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