The Self-Awareness Series

Welcome! This series of affirmations and tips are designed to enhance your self-awareness, the quality of your relationships, and your overall happiness.

Our patterns of thinking lead to our perceptions of ourselves and others, and out of those perceptions we react and take action. By selecting our thoughts, we begin to form new ways of processing our experiences and develop conscious, productive ways of interacting with life.

Making lasting change requires persistence and support. I am here to support you in identifying specific barriers in your process and to help you practice new approaches consistent with your best self. Call me at (816) 359-1885 to schedule an Individual Session or Couples Imago Therapy.




I slow down and allow my mind and my environment to be calm.

As I practice mindfulness each day, I develop a deep inner calm. It is in my calm inner space where I am able to self-reflect and gain clarity about my feelings and needs. When my mind is quiet what is most important to me becomes clear. It is from this clarity that I am able to articulate my feelings and needs to others and take self-supportive action.

Being calm moment-to-moment creates a sense of safety in my relationships and my environment. Others are able to express themselves openly as they begin to experience me as predictably calm. My communications and the quality of my relationships benefit from my calm.



Practice Mindfulness to Soothe and Calm

When you notice yourself becoming reactive internally or externally this is a moment to practice mindfulness. You can do this by finding a place to retreat to or simply by taking a moment to retreat in your inner realm.

With your eyes closed or open, and even unbeknownst to those around you, turn your mind to the sensations of cool dry air entering your nostrils and inhale deeply and slowly. Breathing in and out through your nose stimulates your system to recognize that it is okay to return to equilibrium. Once you are soothed and calmed by your breathing, you can start the dance of alternately self-reflecting and listening to the other. This is a slow process, and it is important to remember that part of mindfulness is releasing the need to take immediate action.


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Imago Therapy

In Imago Therapy, I help clients create healthy communication in their relationships and move toward the life they desire. This is accomplished through learning the balance of self-awareness and deeply listening and responding with empathy to significant others. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an Individual or Couple's Session, call or email me today.

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Laura Aube, LPC, ATR-BC, Certified Imago Therapist

Laura Aube is a licensed Counselor in the State of Missouri. She has advanced training as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, as well as a fully-credentialed Art Therapist. Laura has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and specialized expertise in grief, trauma, couples, and family therapy.

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